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What is Inbound Marketing?

The term Inbound Marketing was originally coined by HubSpot in 2005. It describes a marketing methodology which is all about bringing prospects to you, instead of trying to interrupt them and capture their attention.

In terms of digital marketing, this means using a combination of marketing channels, most commonly content marketing, search engine optimization SEO, and social media in creative ways to attract people’s attention. The goal of a successful inbound marketing campaign is to increase visibility and drive quality traffic, engagement and conversions using ‘earned’ and ‘owned’ media.

Quality traffic: Reach the right audience in the right place 

By focusing your marketing strategy on reaching the right audiences in the right places, you can attract your target customers in order to meet your digital marketing objectives.

Increase trust: Inbound is all about helping people

Inbound marketing is all about giving potential customers ungated information they might be looking for (even if they don’t know it)  in a creative and engaging way. It’s not about pushing unwanted sales at every opportunity. By using inbound as a way to present your brand as a useful and reliable resource, Contacts are more likely to come to you when they’ll be sales-ready.

From the Funnel to the Flywheel

Inbound marketing represents a revolution for the way you look at your business, this concept is visually understandable by looking at a new model that “replace” (in-part) your marketing funnel! The FLYWHEEL 

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