Happy Christmas There! 

We want to wish you some well deserved time-off to indulge in the festive spirit. Whether it’s overeating, watching movies, playing board games or spending quality time with family and friends, HAVE AN AMAZING HOLIDAY!


2019 was a truly amazing year for Krein.
  • We continued growing and enlarging the team, Francesco and Fabio joined us.
  • Our advisory board is more complete than ever, thanks to specialists and PhDs that decided to share their technical expertise with us and our clients.
  • We joined the Hubspot family as a certified partner agency, not only we have learned more about the tool but we are glad to have met the great people behind this brand,aspecialthanks to Simone and Marco who helped us understand our limits and how to overcome them.
  • We renovated our office in Via Pisana 579B, Florence. We will be back in January 2020 withourbrand new office, more projects and an even more centralized team thatworks togetherto excel.
These are just a few of the great things that 2019 brought for Krein, don’t worry, we won’t bore you with all of them.
New projects and ideas were also set to begin in 2020!

We are happy to share our excitement to start this 2020 with harder industrial challenges and higher expectations! We can’t wait!

DURING HOLIDAYS TIME: Possible delays or response discontinuity may happen

We will be back with you in 2020!

Until then, Krein signing out!