Honey do I need to stop by the pharmacy tonight? No thanks, Alexa got me covered already.

Amazon has already conquered the World and now Jeff Bezos is going after the Universe. Yesterday’s news that Amazon is going to buy Online Pharmacy PillPack jumping into the drug business.

After the press announced the acquisition, organizations in the likes of Walgreens, CVS, and Rite-Aid lost $11 billion in market cap in 1 day only.

J&J watch out! This is not going to impact just the distributors, but the Pharma companies should act fast. We all know how quickly Amazon operates and it’s no secret that integrations with Alexa, Online doctors, and Prescription services are just right around the corner.

Amazon will complete the acquisition at the end of the month with $1billion in cash.


What does this mean for us marketers?

The already disrupted CPG World needs to change faster than ever before. Amazon will soon produce and sell their own private label through a consolidated distribution ecosystem, allowing them to control the value chain end-to-end. Companies such as J&J and P&G must step up to create a higher value proposition for the users than what Amazon is building. The reality is that nowadays it’s impossible to compete with the Seattle based tech giant, so it’s a question of how we are going to work together with them.