The professional Amateur Revolution
Jacob | 9 July

Why Society doesn’t need Professional Communicators anymore. This is not just a revolution. It’s a phenomenon that already happened, and

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Are we all affected by dual screen personality disorder?
Jacob | 6 July

Are we all affected by dual-screen personality disorder? Have you ever tried to read the comments that users leave on

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A quite Uniq(lo) deal
Jacob | 6 July

A quite Uniq(lo) deal In the weeks of Wimbledon, tennis superstar Roger Federer showed up as usual on the green

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The Valuable Metrics behind Instagram
Jacob | 30 June

1 Billion, 750 million, 400 Million at 100 Billion Don’t try to solve this equation because this is not algebra

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Instagram thinks that the World is vertical
Jacob | 29 June

If Pythagoras discovered that the Earth was a sphere, Instagram thinks that the World is vertical For sure you all

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Amazon enters officially Pharmacy Market
Jacob | 28 June

Honey do I need to stop by the pharmacy tonight? No thanks, Alexa got me covered already. Amazon has already

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Messages, Messages, Messages
Jacob | 29 May

How the control of specific behavior matters This is and has been a hot topic for quite a while now.

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