Are you ready to partyyyyyyy!! With Facebook live.

Facebook is trying yet another way to keep you engaged. It’s called Watch Party, and it lets people in Facebook groups watch live or recorded videos together while interacting in real time. The Menlo Park based platform started rolling out these features for some users already and it will soon be available for everybody. So, everyone in a dog lovers group can get together to view clips of golden retriever puppies, while Anglophiles can relive the royal wedding. Anyone in a group can start a Watch Party and designate co-hosts, who control the playlist and playback. Everyone can suggest videos, and a Facebook notification tells them a party is about to start. Users can ask questions, leave comments or add reactions in real time.

Even after all the privacy scandal and the massive hit in share prices from last week, Facebook is still trying to innovate by launching new products on the market. And rightfully so, they are joining the conversation, initiated by Twitch (the Amazon owned social network on gaming) and followed by Twitter of the of co-live streaming. It’s been a new trend on social that created a lot of noise lately, and Facebook is, of course, looking to own that space, by launching a product with a twist.

What does it mean for us marketers?

Truth to be told, the co-participation in social, is quite a lot of fun and it’s really entertaining. It’s changing the way users are consuming live content, because, it’s becoming conversational content and users feel more involved and engaged. It can be considered the new “talk show format” of the social age, and it’s another attempt of the social platforms to replace TV. For sure, this is not going to be a killer feature right from the start, organizations will have to test a few different ways to be entertaining and fully exploit this functionality, but from the first studies, it seems like activations with multiple influencers that interact live with each other in while co-hosting a show is a good way to increase consumer engagement and to create a cross-pollination exercise with audiences of different industries. Imagine for a second a Facebook Party show with David Letterman, LeBron James, and Miley Cyrus. Besides being hilarious, it has the potential to move masses, We as marketers just need to find a common topic they can talk about.