Krein at the International Workshop of Advanced Manufacturing and Automation a.k.a. IWAMA 2019

Krein places a high priority on research. The company has always aimed to seek out research opportunities and to include experts in its projects since its foundation. This behavior ensures the establishment of great relationships and encourages a love of learning that extends beyond the projects.

IWAMA – International Workshop of Advanced Manufacturing and Automation – aims at providing a common platform for academics, researchers, practicing professionals and experts from industries to interact and discuss trends and advances in some areas of manufacturing and automation while sharing ideas and perspectives.

IWAMA  is an important international workshop for academic and industrial experts in the fields of advanced manufacturing and automation and will be organized as an annual event worldwide. Manufacturing and automation have assumed paramount importance and are vital factors for the maintenance and improvement of the economy of a nation and the quality of life. The field of manufacturing and automation is advancing at a rapid pace and new technologies are also emerging in the field. The challenges faced by today’s engineers are forcing them to keep on top of the emerging trends through continuous research and development.

In Plymouth University, Plymouth, for the 9th edition of the international workshop we’re looking forward to hear and discuss on:

  • AI, robotics and smart automation have the potential to improve productivity, bring great economic benefits and generate demand for many new jobs.
  • Why create sustainability of the engineer-to-order supply chain is vital.
  • Sit-to-stand Intention Recognition
  • and many other exciting topics

Lapo Chirici (CEO and Founder at Krein) will lead the presentation “Multidimensional Analysis between High-energy-physics theory citation network and Twitter”, during the Production Management Session.

Krein – where research meets industry

Krein trusts in research as a catalyst for great and reliable content. Working in the Industrial and Engineering sectors Krein has some specific thoughts on contents. A good content for Google is not enough to communicate effectively with engineering and industrial world. Research allows us to process information and dissemination in an entirely new way, providing the needed editorial work written by experts in that area. In order to provide custom services, always more aligned with the costumers’ expectations, Krein relies on its Scientific Advisory Board, composed by Ph.DsResearchersEngineers and expert members in several sectors.