Digitalization in Oil & Gas and its importance in new business development

We are glad to announce that Krein will be present at the Oil & Gas Automation and Digitalization Congress of 2021, AUTOMA is an annual oil and gas B2B event that is gathering 300+ specialists from major companies.
This year AUTOMA Congress will highlight new ways of digital transformation in a rapidly changing environment.

Digital Transformation in Oil & Gas

Typically, the digital thinking and narratives stop at data-driven insights. But to become a digital leader, a company should consider making a change in its physical world by modernizing its core assets. (Source: Deloitte Report)

Undeniably digital has, and will continue to, lower the industry’s operating costs, but there is a much bigger category of $3.4 trillion in net property, plant, and equipment—or the productive capital—which is nearly untouched by existing digital solutions.

How can the industry move quickly from piloting proofs-of-concept to scaling digital solutions at a company level, especially when it has a large asset base of legacy assets and its operations are dependent on multi-vendor control systems? Rather than limiting itself to finding solutions within, the industry can study digitally leading capital-intensive industries and draw lessons from their journeys and breakthroughs.
Renewables, especially wind energy, offer a lesson on scaling a digital solution.
The real challenge the big firms need to face is the shift from a production-based culture, to a growth-driven culture, starting from a streamlined sales process.

We are glad to have the chance to introduce the topic in our speech set for Tuesday 20th within the Start-up Session at AUTOMA Congress, we will then dive deeper into the details and logic behind a streamlined and digitalized sales lifecycle. Find below the description of our talk.

Speech Abstract:

AI Forecasting Engine to streamline Supply Chain dynamics

The processes of procurement and portfolio are commonly considered complex and challenging, due to the multiplicity of actors involved in the Oil & Gas supply chain. Indeed, inflexibility along the chain – long lead-times, manufacturing capacity, limited means of transportation to cite a few – affects the whole process in terms of time and outcomes.
Recently, companies have increasingly recognized that improving the efficiencies of the supply chain may save costs, specifically in terms of logistics, up to 20% of revenues.
Digital technologies and the ways they are evolving in terms of usage and possibilities are changing the Oil & Gas SME. In our research experience, the isolation of behavioral patterns along the selection of suppliers is crucial for both procurement and sales. With the advantages undertaken by AI models, able to analyze different sources of data on industry size, geolocation, psychometric profiles, buying process, layers, the granularity of demand, logistics processes, competence within the specificity of operation (down / middle / up-stream), our classifier system can produce a forecasting trend on the best combination of sub-packagers, to fulfill the plant deployment successfully, together with the best compliance/responsiveness ratio.
The outcome entails optimized buying processes, with a reduction of time in inquiries along the whole supply chain.

Who is Krein?

We are a technical marketing start-up conceived to build a new perspective of digital consultancy in B2B industries. We are specialized in B2B Marketing and Lead Generation in the Oil & Gas and Power Generation Sectors.

We love helping B2B companies within the engineering field, from small to enterprise, meeting and exceeding their goals by improving their effectiveness in attracting and retaining new clients. Our ways of working aim to hone incremental improvements in all the marketing and sales lifecycle phases, bringing digitalization to finally be pursued in business development activities.

Our services are:

  • B2B Digital Strategy
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