Say welcome to the new Ad formats and metrics released by BigG

“Hello, today it’s going to be sunny with a high of 86 °F and a low of 72 °F. I wish you a good day. By the way, did you know that we introduced a bunch of new ads formats on the market?”


Slowly catching up with all other platforms, Google is introducing new formats and new ways to generate money through their favorite business model: ads!

And they are using mainly the newly redesigned YouTube to do so. Scared by the approach of Instagram and other video-based channels, BigG wants to use their online TV to deploy engagement ads on top of just awareness based formats. 

We are familiar with the 6-second bumper ad, we are familiar with the longer formats, but here is what they have deployed (or will deploy in a few months):

  • TrueView for Reach: A way to optimize shorter format ads (6” bumpers) for mass awareness. The existing TrueView ad formats, which air before or during a video, was built to drive engagement and action while allowing brands to tell their story. Advertisers only pay when the viewer watches at least 30 seconds, or if they take action (click) on the video. With TrueView for Reach, YouTube combines the best of both worlds: in-stream video bought on a CPM basis.
  • In Video CTAs: A way to increase the Click Through Rate and generate engagement on videos (which statistically have been poorly performing). This is in response to Instagram more interactive features, but essentially it’s a way to drive traffic actual traffic on site with a video-based ad. So you will start seeing many more text overlays on the ads on Youtube and CTAs at the end of bumper ads.  
  • Lead Gen format: Nowadays, data is the new oil and the richest data point that we can gather from users are their email addresses. Youtube is working on a lead generation Ad format that, similarly to what Facebook and Instagram are doing, will allow advertisers to collect email addresses from the users directly on the platform, with a pre-filled form. Very useful for promotional tactics and

What does it mean for us marketers?

Well certainly, Google is doubling down on the channels that work and YouTube is the trojan horse of the advertising battle. When it comes to building brand awareness, shorter is often better. Six-second bumper ads have taught marketers to build more efficient messaging. But now with the intro of TrueView for Reach, new CTAs and Lead gen, the company is slowly moving toward performance marketing rather than playing purely in awareness territory. So in those CCX exercises, when we map out the channels to use, YouTube can start playing a role also in lower funnel tactics.