Maria DB
Jacob | 26 July
ABOUTKrein has developed a custom-made Lead Generation Strategy for the SkySQL live presentation event. 1. Analyze2. Design3. Implement 1. CASE
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Jacob | 15 July
ABOUTCustom-made industrial website oriented to lead generation. Lead intelligence analysis. 1. Analyze2. Design3. Implement 1. CASE STUDYCustom website oriented to
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Welt Electronic
Jacob | 18 May
ABOUTKrein developed a new strategy for Lead Generation, approaching the activity from both Accont-Based and Industry-Based perspective. 1. Analyze2. Design3.
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Stopson Italiana
Jacob | 15 December
ABOUTDevolped website and content management together with technical SEO strategy. Social media management with focus on Linkedin campaigns. 1. Analyze2.
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Jacob | 2 December
ABOUTDigital strategy setup for the internationalization of the brand through multimedia contents campaigns aiming for brand awareness. 1. Analyze2.Design3. Implement
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Fonderie Palmieri
Jacob | 20 November
ABOUTDigital activities on brand awareness and trade shows contents, have been majors parts of the project, all related to the
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Gi & Gi
Jacob | 10 April
ABOUTDeveloped a custom-made tool for lead intelligence. Krein's consultancy, design and development of company's website. Hubspot has been implemented. 1.
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