Developed a custom tool for lead generation, LinkedIn lead campaign, Technical SEO sevices. 

1. Analyze

2. Design

3. Implement


Developing Linkeding campaign for brand awareness and lead generation oriented to HVAC Engineering target.


+30 profiled lead/month; More quality leads arising out of Oil & Gas, Marine, and Energy industry.

3. Experience

How to cooperate with highly engineered company covering the most technical requirements within the HVAC supply chain and together with the sales’ needs.

Project Details

Client: Pink Co.

Date: November 12, 2018

Online: www.ccsfrigel.com/

Since 1960, smart manufacturers have been partnering with Frigel to achieve maximum efficiency, reliability and performance in their operations through Intelligent Process Cooling. Krein has worked on leads LinkedIn campaign that generated valuable results.
New web-based and user-friendly tool that allows us to forecast the proper thermal loads of the E-house has been created by Frigel and implemented with Krein's Know-how on Lead Generation.

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