New digital strategy, lead generation-oriented for the Oil & Gas, Marine and Energy divisions. 

1. Analyze

2. Design

3. Implement


Developing a new digital approach for brand awareness and lead generation oriented to predefined targets.


Raised awareness of Frigel Custom Cooling Solution’s brand; Gather qualified leads arising from Oil & Gas, Marine, and Energy industries.

3. Experience

How to cooperate with a highly engineered company, covering the most technical requirements within the HVAC supply chain and the ATEx buying process..

Project Details

Client: Frigel

Date: November 12, 2018

Online: www.frigel.com/

Since 1960, smart manufacturers have been partnering with Frigel to achieve maximum efficiency, reliability and performance in their operations through Intelligent Process Cooling. Krein has worked on lead generation campaigns that unveiled about 40-50 prospects/month.
Krein has implemented a new digital campaign based on a specific supply chain breakdown. The approach paved the way to deliver valuable technical content for website visitors, enhancing a customer-centric experience in order to streamline the RFI-RFQ phases.

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