Krein has developed a custom-made Lead Generation Strategy for the SkySQL live presentation event.

1. Analyze

2. Design

3. Implement


Krein has perform B2B Lead generation through Linkedin, Facebook and DEM.


70+ Qualified Leads in 15 days of marketing activities.

3. Experience

Krein had the opportunity to work with a big player in IT sector, raising its capabilities to scale projects on bigger scales.

Project Details

Client: Maria DB

Date: July 26, 2020

Online: mariadb.org/

SkySQL is the first DBaaS designed to support transactional or analytical mission-critical databases or both. SkySQL is based on Kubernetes which is available on any cloud infrastructure and therefore offers flexibility in choosing the solution. SkySQL is enriched by a powerful ITSM portal developed on ServiceNow.
Krein has analyzed, designed and implemented a custom-made lead generation strategy. Responsible for the quality of lead Krein has also structured a content strategy to support Social media advertising and to deliver great and valuable content to establish immediately a strong base for a trustful long-term relationship.

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