Krein developed a new strategy for Lead Generation, approaching the activity from both Accont-Based and Industry-Based perspective.

1. Analyze

2. Design

3. Implement


Sales enablement through lead intelligence, performed via paid Ads and automated workflows.


400+ of lead generated in 2 months.

3. Experience

Krein has increased the general knowledge of the wholesale sector and its sales pipeline and used this improved understanding to build effective marketing automation.

Project Details

Client: Welt Electronic

Date: May 18, 2020

Online: www.weltelectronic.it/

Welt Electronic is a leader company in Electronics Wholesales. With 30 years of activity, Welt Electronic is a company focused on sales, marketing, distribution, and relative consultancy services with a direct presence on the European market of lots of different electronic components.
Krein has developed a strategy involving Inbound and Outbound technics, with a focus on providing potential customers with valuable content to attract and convert them into leads. Leads had been treated with marketing automation built together with the technical dept. of Welt Electronic.

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