They “Just did it”
Jacob | 9 September

Just do it. It has been THE news of the week, and everyone keeps talking about it. Nike revealed on

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My name is agent Bot…Chat-Bot
Jacob | 24 August

My name is agent Bot…Chat-Bot Who said that chatbots are dead might need to rethink it. Chatbots are still an

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Carpe diem and live in the moments
Jacob | 24 August

Carpe diem = live in the moments (the micro-moments)  It’s no secret that our content consumption behavior has changed drastically

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Bye Bye Facebook
Jacob | 18 August

Bye Bye Facebook…Let’s video chat Recent reports say that teens are abandoning Facebook in dramatic numbers. They are not deleting

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Alexa & Voice shopping
Jacob | 10 August

“Alexa – please shut up, I don’t want to buy anything.” Some numbers published reveal that very few owners of

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Voice Ads are coming
Jacob | 3 August

Voice ads are finally coming! Did you ever get asked to promote an Alexa skill or sponsor a Google home

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Ok Google, tell me about the new ads formats!
Jacob | 9 July

Say welcome to the new Ad formats and metrics released by BigG “Hello, today it’s going to be sunny with

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