The illusion – Anything is accessible
Jacob | 21 September

“DO YOU WANT TO GO SHOPPING TODAY? – I’M ALWAYS SHOPPING!” In an interview published on Adweek 2 days ago,

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Carpe diem and live in the moments
Jacob | 24 August

Carpe diem = live in the moments (the micro-moments)  It’s no secret that our content consumption behavior has changed drastically

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Bye Bye Facebook
Jacob | 18 August

Bye Bye Facebook…Let’s video chat Recent reports say that teens are abandoning Facebook in dramatic numbers. They are not deleting

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A Big mac study – The TripWire
Jacob | 17 August

“A BigMac for $0.99 please”  “Anything else?”  “Yeah, a big Diet Coke, French fries, and you know what? Throw a

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Snapchat dysmorphia
Jacob | 17 August

The “Snapchat dysmorphia” phenomenon Remember the days when people would bring photos of celebrities to the plastic surgeon’s office and

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The new meaning of the “storefront” experience
Jacob | 10 August

The new meaning of the “storefront” experience Retail is one sector that has seen some dynamic changes in recent years,

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The duet “TV & RADIO” is evergreen
Jacob | 3 August

And the winner is…The duet “TV & RADIO” A new report from Nielsen is out and it highlights how different

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Are we all affected by dual screen personality disorder?
Jacob | 6 July

Are we all affected by dual-screen personality disorder? Have you ever tried to read the comments that users leave on

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