A feedback loop that helps you quit using your phone

As a total opposite trend, some companies are trying to raise awareness amongst phone users around their addiction. With the Cambridge Analytica scandal and the data regulatory act, users have become more mindful and more attentive to how they use their information. Organizations are trying to restore their reputation on the market while other ones, not affected by the scandal, are using this time in history to create good PR.

Apple is one of them, and with the new IOS update (rolling out this week in Beta) we all will have a report that informs us how many times we have picked up the phone, how many times we unlocked it, how many minutes we spent on Facebook Etc.

The whole purpose is to provide feedback to the users and consciousness of their daily behavior.

What does this mean for us marketers?

Are we going to say “Oh crap! I spent 40 hours on Facebook this month instead of being out with my friends?”. And if so, will that be enough to change our relationship with the smartphones? We are not entirely sure, but it will definitely raise awareness of phone usage and hopefully alarm the kids’ parents of how much time they spend on their mobile devices. These may influence user behavior in the long run.