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1. Account Discovery

2. Prospect List Building

3. Vertical Industry Targeting

4. Intent-Based Targeting

5. Competitors Intelligence

6. Lead Analysis / Scoring / Nurturing

Expand your business capacity, driving towards ROI-Positive program!

In order to grow, B2B businesses must be continuously generating qualified leads. More leads mean more potential customers, and new customers mean more revenue.

Therefore qualified leads are the lifeblood of every company, but not all leads are created equal. We can help identify the opportunities that are sales-ready right now. And for the rest, we’ll put a lead-nurturing plan in place, moving them through the funnel to convert when they’re ready.

Krein generates new leads for your business using ABM & Inbound lead generation strategies. Our team knows the different strategies that are required to grow your unique B2B business.

Our ABM IP-based technologies help you prioritize key accounts by revealing buying research activity on your website.

After years in the field of engineering and industrial sector, we isolated and analyzed the pattern that distinguishes a relevant journey, made by a prospect-to-be.

We embedded the whole process in a stand-alone platform, that will provide to your sales department a selection of the noteworthies professional contacts.

In Krein, we synthesized marketing strategies into scalable, iterative, and measurable programs that drive engagement and create revenue. With our platform, we untangle the web of lead-nurturing workflows to deliver the right message to the right contact, at the right time.


Lead generation is a subset of Demand generation. Demand generation is used to create awareness and attract new people to your business, while lead generation is used to qualify those people into “leads” and move them towards the next step in your marketing or sales process.

Demand generation uses free content as main tools (such as blog posts, articles, videos, etc.). Lead generation content is typically “gated”, meaning a person has to provide their email and/or other contact information in order to receive that piece of content.

Krein has a long experience in both Demand and Lead Generation and thanks to its technical expertise is able to provide ABM / Lead generation strategy to reach your goal and to fulfill your needs.

  • Ongoing Industry Analysis
  • Prospects Discovery
  • Prospects Outreach
  • Competitors Intelligence
  • Intent-Based Targeting
  • Roles Targeting
  • Vertical Sectors Research

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