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1. UX/UI Optimization

2. Content Strategy

3. Technical Copywriting

4. SEO Audit & Strategy

5. Paid Ads Management

6. HubSpot Implementation

Be where people are looking.
Have what people are looking for.
Create what people haven’t even thought of. 

Our search for what we need tells us a lot about our desires – and how we fulfill them today. Our search team has been there from the beginning; leaders in being found, staying visible and being relevant to those out there asking.

We integrate your account research and distribution plan to craft a technical content strategy that lays out how each asset, tactic, and channel will generate engagement at each stage of the journey: from dynamic landing pages that drive action, to personalized emails from sales that result in interaction.

From a visit, to a valuable contact.

Who does digital marketing in B-to-B sector, understands well the substantial difference between traffic, and good traffic. Once users are attracted by our channels, being able to turn a visit into an early relationship is a delicate process.  A process that relies on the informative and educational benefit of what we are going to offer. In fact, what separates a lead from a non-lead is CONTACT FORM.

How much is the user willing to pay to leave his data?

Every time we design a strategy to collect new leads, we keep this question always in mind.

Our team realizes dynamic landing pages, aimed to drive the action towards the desired goal.

Intent-based SEO

Keyword research is the bedrock of a solid SEO program. It starts with identifying the audiences, what their questions are and the language that they use when searching for a solution.

A Content is the fuel for a SEO engine. Consistently producing high-quality, SEO optimized content is proven to increase rankings and attract qualified visitors at each stage of their buyers’ journey. We help clients plan and develop effective content programs – harnessing our SEO learning.

Krein makes use of tools to analyze your source code and identify weaknesses from an SEO perspective. We will then work with your development team or vendor on a plan to correct these issues.

Opportunities typically include:

  • Title tag audit
  • Headings
  • Meta description audit
  • Alt Tags on images
  • Intrasite Links
  • Anchor text audit
  • Duplicate content audit
  • Weak/thin content page audit
  • Crawl error audit
  • Sitemap check
  • Robots.txt validation
  • Schema implementation
  • Link profile analysis
  • Site speed testing
  • Mobile performance
  • URL optimization

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