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Why is CRM Strategy needed?

Your contacts are the heart of your Business. They’re the real people that you provide value to. In return, these are the people that help you grow your business. To provide value to your contacts, you need to know a lot about them and understand their needs. This is where having a contact management strategy will help you see success. Developing a CRM strategy will help you boost your business’s revenue and productivity. source: HubSpot

It’s all about data!

Major challenges connected to CRM Software are often related to data strategy and management. Your CRM stores all the data you gathered through your website and general prospecting activities.

Here some of the challenges and their resolutions:

  • Too many data, many more than needed

Sometime we might find ourselves thinking that quantity means quality, that’s not the case! You need to intelligently think about what is the contact information you need to gather in order to deliver value to your customers. Customize contact properties need to answer 1 question, Does it make the difference? If so, you’ve nothing to worry about!

  • Unused Data

As we said above, the availability of contacts’ information is what determines how well you know your contacts. Contact information is needed to strategies the different approaches you need to have with different contacts. Customize the touchpoints between users and your company! for example, a marketing email can be built to be personalized based on custom information you might have collected before. If you have data, use them!

  • Monitoring and Updating your database

CRM is built to be constantly updated to the “current picture” of what the relationship with all your contact is! This brings us one of the major challenges that businesses face during CRM Usage… They don’t use it! Tons of in-house made CRM get not updates by their own and sales, marketing and service teams need to manually update data, definitely a time demanding process. That’s why is a common problem to not update CRM information. Having a CRM that autonomously log new information on the CRM contact history, such as last sent email, last viewed website pages, and more would avoid this problem, saving you time and efforts.

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