Krein’s Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Krein has defined a company policy for achieving the objectives resulting from the implementation of quality management systems.
The aforementioned policy is relevant to the pursuit of predetermined strategic directions, purposes, and its context. It is necessary to meet applicable requirements while ensuring continuous improvement of the system and has been established as follows:

  • Taking responsibility for the effectiveness of the quality management system.
  • Defining and managing processes and their interactions to develop, implement, and improve the quality management system.
  • Promoting the use of a process approach and risk-based thinking.
  • Identifying actions to address risks and opportunities associated with its context and objectives that can affect product and service conformity and enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Using the Quality Management System as an effective business management tool to monitor all activities to eliminate potential and actual causes of non-conformities and internal inefficiencies.
  • Continuously providing quality products and services in compliance with requirements specified by technical standards and current laws.
  • Ensuring a constant commitment to meeting applicable requirements.
  • Ensuring a constant commitment to meeting contractual requirements agreed with the Customer.
  • Effectively managing any requested service variations from the Customer during execution.
  • Informing the Customer of any delays in product delivery.
  • Anticipating technical solutions for the product during the offer phase to facilitate the customer's operational needs.
  • Proposing, when possible, alternative technical solutions to customer requests, considering the relationship between implementation and costs.
  • Continuing research and development of new technologies for product/service realization to meet market needs and expectations.

The application of the aforementioned quality policy principles is ensured by defining and formalizing, with varying frequency, specific measurable objectives for every level, function, and process deemed strategic by the Organization. 

The defined Quality Policy is reviewed annually during the Quality Management System Review activities to verify its adequacy and ongoing suitability.

Approved by: DG (Director General)

The Management.