B2B Marketing for Engineering and Industrial sector
Lead Nurturing, 85
Inbound Marketing, 90
Technical Content Management, 85
Tracking System Development, 78

Krein is a technical marketing start-up conceived to build a new perspective of automation for B2B Marketing and Lead Generation.

Driven by data and focused on results, our team has consolidated experience in implementing a fully customized Web (and overall) Marketing Setup.

We love helping industries meet and exceed their goals by sticking to their values.

Our way-of-operate aims to hone incremental improvements in all the phases of marketing lifecycle.

…Because our clients are more than just clients!

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Industry-driven websites designed to convey deeper engagement and valuable connections.

94% of all B2B buyers conduct online research before purchasing.
Krein develops web solutions that mix finesse aesthetics with functionality.
Our team of developers is able to create completely custom websites that rely on the most advanced technologies.

The first step in dealing with a web project is analysis and research.
During this phase, we gather all the information we can, regarding the industrial sector, the supply chain and its actors, the typology of customers and the overall goals and expectations of the project.

Be found.
Be relevant.
Be useful.

Be where people are looking.
Have what people are looking for.
Create what people haven’t even thought of.
Who does digital marketing in B-to-B sector, understands well the substantial difference between traffic, and good traffic.

We integrate your account research and distribution to craft a content strategy that lays out how each asset, tactic, and channel will generate engagement, at each stage of the journey.

Identification, Nurturing, Qualification.
A flawless framework to identify and transform MQL in SQL.

Qualified leads are the lifeblood of every company, but not all leads are created equal. We can help identify the opportunities that are sales-ready right now.
And for the rest, we’ll put a lead-nurturing plan in place, moving them through the funnel to convert when they’re ready.

After years in the field of engineering and industrial sector, we isolated and analyzed the patterns that distinguish a relevant journey, made by a prospect-to-be. We embedded the whole process in a stand-alone platform, that will provide to your sales department a selection of the noteworthies professional contacts.

Automated journeys are a key part of successful lead management.

Marketing automation in B2B goes beyond just setting up campaigns and create landing pages to obtain leads. In Krein we synthesized marketing strategies into scalable, iterative, and measurable programs that drive engagement and create revenue.

With our platform, we untangle the web of lead-nurturing workflows to deliver the right message to the right contact, at the right time.

Upfront Sales Enablement.
if you are selling complex contracts, it takes time to turn a web visitor into warm lead.

Lead tracking is the process of determining the source of leads, the time spent on certain relevant pages, and the events performed.
Monitoring where leads are in the sales and marketing funnel, and attaining the right actions to move the lead to the next stage, is crucial for the sale closure.

How about the real user intention?
In Krein we developed a model based on the most meaningful behavioral pattern, done by users within a professional context. The expertise of our team in industrial engineering, fused with the most advanced data analysis technique is the perfect propellent automate your sales lifecycle.

To implement full custom B2B digital strategies, we always stick on a specific path of growth.







A selection of some noteworthy projects we had the pleasure to commit.
Our digital service can be implemented in these sectors: Manufacturing, Logistics, Rail, Oil & Gas, Energy, Aerospace and Aviation.

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Custom Built

Mutual Growth

Focused on Results

Effectiveness & Empathy

50% Tech, 50% Marketers

R&D Spirit

Working side-by-side with Manufacturing Companies born with ETO (engineered-to-order) and MTO (make-to-order) production approaches.  The understanding of the different stages of procurement and supply chain are the outcome of our hybrid team.



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