Researchers, Synthesizers, Innovators. With a 100% B2B DNA

Our Company

We believe in passionate people, no matter their grades or years of experience!

Krein, originating in Florence, is a digital agency with the mission to revolutionize MarTech consulting in the Italian and global industrial B2B sectors. Our interdisciplinary team comprises Strategists, Designers, Analysts, and Researchers driven by business acumen and a genuine passion for technology.

Diverse backgrounds allow us to bridge various perspectives daily, generating innovative ideas to navigate the intricacies of highly-engineered ecosystems.

The Team
Lapo Chirici
CEO & Co-Founder
Jacopo Chirici
CXO & Co-Founder
Carmelo Trusso
Co-Founder & Partner
Francesco Perrotta
Project Director & Partner
Francesco Danti
Co-Founder and Partner
Federica Perotta
Senior B2B Account Manager
Ouafae Lahmar
Administration, Finance & QA/QC
Gian Ver Zacarias
HR & Talent Acquisition Manager
Michele Carnicella
Key Account & Growth Manager
Chiara Gelli
UX/UI & Content Specialist
Naomi Criscuolo
UI Product Design Specialist
Chiara Scattolini
Visual Design Specialist
Lorenzo Travelli
Content Specialist
Martina Chiti
Content Research Specialist
Stefania Re
Digital Project Specialist
Irene Acanfora
Jr Project Coordinator & UX Developer
Flavia Carrara
Strategy Design Specialist
Edoardo Faravelli
Senior Motion Designer
Samuele Sanesi
COMMs & ADV Specialist
Adele Baronti
Brand Strategy Intern

Scientific Advisory Board

Krein's foundation lies in research. To distill complexity into digestive content, we lean on our Scientific Advisory Board. Comprising PhDs, researchers, and engineers, each possesses vertical expertise in Krein's operational sectors.

Sara Caramaschi
PhD Visual Studies & Urban Planning / Architectural Science
Quan Yu
PhD Machine Vision / Computational Intelligence
Prof. Yi Wang
PhD, Business School, University Of Bedfordshire, Uk
Iljà Barsanti
PhD Applied Statistics / Data Mining / Data Discovery
Francesca Parotti
PhD Materials’ Science And Technology / Civil Engineer
Andrea Ferracani
PhD Machine Learning / NLP / Collective Intelligence
Prof. Kesheng Wang
PhD, Academician of NTVA, NTNU, Norway
Papy M. Zefaniya
Oil And Gas Process Engineer / Physicist / Teacher

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