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1. Website Management

2. Technical Copywriting

3. Customer Journey Map

4. Supply Chain Analysis

5. Value Stream Mapping

6. Business Process (Re)Engineering

Designing a B2B strategy means to immerse in the business reality and in the logics at the base of a specific sector. It means adopting language, technicism, but -above all- ways of thinking proper of the actors who are part of it. Because of the high-unit-value products – often engineered to order – the goal of a website is the generation of a qualified lead. 

The approach devised by Krein summarizes the most common patterns in the engagement process in those areas where engineering is the foundation of a product development. 

The purpose of each digital channel is therefore to enable the relationship with key contacts within companies, so as to increase the likelihood of requests for information (RFI) and quotations (RFQ), establishing long-term relationships.

Website Management

94% of all B2B buyers conduct online research before purchasing. Krein develops web solutions that mix finesse aesthetics with functionality.

Our team of developers is able to create completely custom websites that rely on the most used CMS platforms, preferring WordPress for ease of management and updating.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is the most popular open-source blogging engine in the world.  It has a strong community offering thousands of plugins and themes—many for free. 

Since the goal of a website is to attract as much traffic as possible in an organic way, WordPress proves to be the most suitable solution, resulting in effective indexing.

The first step in dealing with a web project is analysis and research.

During this phase we gather all the information we can, regarding the industrial sector, the supply chain and its actors, the typology of customers and the overall goals and expectations of the project.

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