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1. Tracking System Setup

2. Pattern Forecasting

3. Predictive Model Setup

4. Business Intelligence

5. Data Analysis

6. Monitoring & Reporting

B2B marketing means a deep understanding of analytics.

Understanding and analyzing data is a key element to the success of any B2B organization, especially those focused on sales growth and customer lifetime value.

And you don’t just need reporting on data. You need to be set up to constantly capture it. Because with good data comes all sorts of other benefits to your organization.

Lead tracking is the process of determining the source of leads, the time spent on certain relevant pages, and the events performed. This process will help your company to streamline the sales process having a better understanding of who you are dealing with.

Krein Analytics and BI services can have an impressive effect on your B2B marketing effort and on your overall business performance.

Companies who invest in data analytics and allow data to drive their decision making are more likely to see growth in B2B sales.

Data analytics is complex, it requires an in-depth understanding of data points, computer science, and machine learning.

We will support you in getting the right insights and addressing the data across your entire funnel to ensure that the sales pipeline is fully covered to start bringing more revenue for your venture.

But knowing isn’t necessarily understanding. That’s why our analytics team is a crucial part of the process of identifying humanly relevant and effective ideas. By testing, tweaking and exploring all aspects of the data, we know we’ve done all we can to ignite our clients’ success.

Before any program is initiated, Krein recommends that analytics are properly set up, that your goals are being tracked and you are able to monitor performance with insightful reporting dashboards.

  • What are you currently tracking?
  • What are you missing?
  • Where does the majority of your traffic come from?
  • What traffic source is most valuable to your business?
  • What are the important actions on your website that we need to track?
  • How are you currently ranking for valued keywords?

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