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1. UX/UI Optimization

2. Content Strategy

3. Technical Copywriting

4. SEO Audit & Strategy

5. Paid Ads Management

6. HubSpot Implementation

Attract, Convert, Close, and Delight!

Krein is specialized in B2B Inbound Marketing. As a HubSpot Solutions Partner, we are well experienced in Inbound methodology and we can develop a structured, high-quality Lead Generation Inbound Marketing program.

Inbound marketing is a business methodology that focuses on drawing in potential customers and visitors instead of interrupting them with unsolicited and unwanted promotions and content.

Move from pushing a product towards your users, to focus more on creating valuable content that answers their questions, and solve their problems.

Inbound Marketing is extremely recommended for B2B businesses that face high value, long research-based sales cycles, and knowledge-based products and services. In these fields, users are more likely to want to raise their knowledge of the product/service and work with who demonstrates the highest levels of expertise.

There are different ways to execute inbound marketing. Through Website analytics, and SEO Audit, Krein analyses your business to structure the custom-made Inbound Strategy that best suits your business dynamics.

Blended Team: Mar-tech-eng (Marketers + Technicians + Engineers)

Our cross-functional team of marketing specialists and engineers also provide technical copywriting services to reach the right prospects with the most aligned content.

Creating an inbound marketing strategy involves knowing what your customer wants at a certain point in their journey to create content that aligns with their needs and takes them to the next level.

The four stages of an inbound marketing strategy are:

  • Attract visitors to your content
  • Convert visitors into leads
  • Close leads into customers
  • Delight customers


HubSpot’s all-in-one marketing, sales, and service platform is built to help you implement inbound and grow better. It’s all powered by the same database, so everyone in your organization (Marketing, Sales, Services & IT) is working off the same system of record.

This allows for a smoother handoff between teams, and a more delightful experience for your customers.

hubspot certified partner italy

The benefits of using Inbound Methodology:

While the fruits of inbound marketing might be less “in your face” than other advertising techniques, they are much more valuable to your business in the long run.

Between them:

  • Reduces expense
  • Increases trust and credibility
  • Drives quality traffic and leads
  • Create opportunities to learn and evolve

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