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1. UX Research and Analysis

2. Wireframing

3. Design System

4. Tone of Voice

5. UI Design

6. Prototyping

Research and Analysis

Only 55% of companies around the world are currently conducting any online user experience testing, Skyroot reported. Chances are high that B2B companies occupy a significant portion out of that 45%.

Why? Because B2B companies put products and their promotion at the center of the business culture. As human beings are normally put aside, our overall goal is reshaping the role that people behind products play for each phase of the customer journey. 

Krein 2023 Case Studies B2B

Building human-centric experiences. Building human flows of interactions.

Our UX Research is a game-changing asset to be introduced. We build the user journey and define the touchpoint map that best adapts to your customer and context. We analyze your website building on a UX & SEO Audit to identify potential doable adjustments, so avoiding customizing a new one from scratch. 

A process of Iterative Test & Validation follows the assembly of a dynamic and renewable framework. Here your company’s and customer’s needs are put together and reconfigured along an Information Architecture Mapping and encompassed in a Wireframe shaping the architecture of the navigation flow. 

At this stage of designing, we manage to draw a clear hierarchy of information within your website. All its constituents are placed following the precise criteria under which we can make the user take concrete micro-actions. 

Krein Services B2B
Krein Services B2B

Making you distinctive, unforgettable, unique

The UX & Wireframe definition phase that delivers the foundations of your user-oriented website is followed up by detailed Design System application and an appropriate implementation of all the graphic elements involved. The result to be achieved is a coherent visual identity configuration. 

A robust visual identity will help your industrial company fulfilling a few key goals: 

  • Emphasizing your business’ quintessence among dozens of other proposals.
  • Distinguishing clearly and openly your company’s identity.
  • Communicating effectively your operations, products and in-house processes. 

Your product from the user's perspective

The UI Design is that element that both imprints the aesthetic pureness of your distinctive character and visually reveals the framework previously established by the UX Design.

Why is UI so important for product design? In a B2B competition arena, your company constantly addresses the issue of becoming distinguishable from the other. The final goal of UI services is to make your value proposition resonate in such a way that it will be never misled rather easily recognized by the main stakeholders for its pure pattern.

The Prototyping phase is an essential step for the completion of the project thanks to the navigable mockups. In this instance, we achieve a two-fold objective. On the one hand, we put in the hands of the final user an usable and navigable product. On the other hand, we deliver testable and ready-to-use guidelines to developers.

Krein 2023 B2B

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